Denmark Surf Life Saving Club

This project is in the design stages awaiting results of funding applications.

On arrival to the site the expansive views of the Nullaki Peninsula, limestone cliffs, the distant Knapp Head and the discrete views of the Ocean Beach Point are currently blocked by the existing two storey clubhouse. The  proposed building is positioned out of the line of sight and nestled into the landscape opening up the views to the public and creating a new large grassed public open space.

The architectural form is a considered and site specific response to the surrounding natural environment. The curved forms of the building and landscaping walls are inspired by the swell lines that wrap around Wilson Head. The curved form enables a fluid interaction between separate public and club facilities. The softness of the form is intended to compliment rather than compete with the surrounding natural environment.

The building is built into the hill which reduces its visual impact. It utilizes the sloping site to create level entries to both levels. The extensively glazed upper storey maximises passive beach surveillance and provides visual connection to the expansive and discrete natural views. The east-west building orientation maximises northern winter solar gain and deep roof overhangs minimise summer solar penetration. The flat green roof with low level coastal planting embeds the building into place and reduces roof glare from surrounding tourist vantage points.

The timber balustrade and screens create an interplay between light and shadow inspired by the local forests and coastal vegetation. The extension of the balustrade and retaining walls into the landscape further embeds the building into place.