Bayview Crescent Residences

Project Completed 2023

Builder: Valmadre Homes / Photographer: Aaron Brown

Located on the foreshore in Dunsborough the project consists of two dwellings that have been designed to take advantage of the site’s natural features, while respecting and responding to the character of the Old Dunsborough precinct.  Both dwellings are clad in painted weatherboard as a reference to historic beach shacks associated with the area. Courtyards protected from prevailing winds and first floor terraces connect to the coastal environment and allow northern light to penetrate deep into the living spaces.

The dwellings feature heavily articulated front façades to the public streetscape along the waterfront.  The use of design features such as low rooflines, together with the buildings form and the use of materials are intended to blend the buildings into, rather than dominate the landscape. The landscaping design including extensive endemic planting further embeds the project into place.

The reverse brick veneer construction method and high levels of insulation create optimum thermal performance. Further passive design elements such as double glazing, window hoods and under slab insulation further reduce the reliance on active heating and cooling systems. Large sliding doors combined with louvred windows take advantage of sea breezes to passively cool the building in summer. The projects sustainability is enhanced by solar PV energy systems, heat pump hot water systems and in-floor hydronic heating.