We personally manage the entire construction and design process from end to end, so that the highest of standards are maintained throughout. This includes coordinating and implementing consultant services, obtaining approvals and managing the procurement (tendering, pricing and negotiation) process. During construction, principal architect David Gibson acts as the chief project manager, making sure that the design is built to specification, with a high-quality finish.

At every stage we work to provide the best possible value for money, keeping our clients updated with detailed and ongoing advice on your project’s budget and feasibility. We engage a specialised cost consultant to provide detailed budget estimates for every step of the process, making it simple to cost and compare different design and construction options. During construction, David works closely with contractors to avoid cost overruns and provide independent certification of the work’s cost, time and quality.

Management Process

  1. Cost – Cost of Works Budgets
  2. Time – MS Project Programming
  3. Value – Value Engineering
  4. Procurement – Tendering & Negotiation
  5. Quality – QA Stage & Inspection Checklists
  6. Construction – Contract Administration