Good design is the cornerstone of good architecture. Our goal at PTX Architects is to create designs that bring together our clients’ visions with the beautiful environment of West Australia’s south-west coast. Architecture should evoke emotion and engage the senses – and every step of our design process is aimed at creating work of impact and stature.

Our designs are developed through careful consideration of a building’s form, function, energy efficiency, bushfire risk, materials, structure and construction detail. Every component is considered in relation to the cost, time and buildability of the project – combining a dedication to delivering architecture of the highest quality and energy efficiency, with a realistic eye to a project’s budget and timelines.

Design Process

  1. Pre Design – Project Scope & Feasibility
  2. Concept Design – Central Ideas, Parti & Massing
  3. Design Development – Detailed Design & Preliminary Consultants Input
  4. Development Approval – Town Planning Application & Negotiation