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As we work in regional areas often our project sites are located in bushfire prone areas. These areas are designated by the fire and emergency services commissioner and can be viewed on a map on the Department of Fire of Emergency Services website:

Buildings located in bushfire prone areas must comply with the Australian Standard AS 3959 Construction of Buildings in Bush Fire Prone Areas. Each buildings location is assessed by a bushfire consultant to determine the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) which is a means of measuring the severity of a buildings potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact. A site-specific assessment takes into consideration many factors including the slope of the land, types of surrounding vegetation and its proximity to other buildings and structures on the site.

PTX Architects have worked on projects with Bushfire Attack Levels up to BAL-FZ (Flame Zone) where the risk is considered extreme. We work closely with a bushfire consultant early in the process to assess the risk of the proposed building location and to determine measures that can be put in place to reduce the Bushfire Attack Level. We have extensive knowledge of the required construction methods associated with each Bushfire Attack Level and are experienced at implementing them into our design and construction documentation.

Project Phases

  1. Concept Design
  2. Design Development
  3. Construction Documentation
  4. Procurement & Contractor Selection
  5. Construction Contract Administration