A Sense of Belonging

Here at PTX Architects, we believe community is vital – and that architecture is one of its foundation blocks. Our shared public spaces and amenities are where our sense of community is forged, so it’s VITAL that any community project we take part in makes a positive contribution to that shared sense of belonging.

We approach every one of our public space projects with an eye to creating shared spaces that can evolve as the community around them does. Public space isn’t static – and it needs to be designed to not only meet the community’s needs now, but also those for decades to come, as local needs shift and change.

For us, good public architecture is about building a better social environment for all of us – creating a ‘third place’ outside of our homes and workplaces that nurtures community and brings people together.

Designing Communities

Before we even start to think about design for our community projects, we start with an extensive consultation process – one that includes locals with a deep connection to the development space, from the people who’ll be using the facility to the government authorities and key community stakeholders.

With our core project team established, we undertake a detailed analysis of the site, examining its climate, surrounds and community context to properly understand the site’s constraints and opportunities. A series of workshops with the project team and community stakeholders further develops this analysis, helping us to firm up our key design principles and project vision.

We also recognise that it’s important for community projects to be economically self-sustaining in the long term, which is why our design process includes collaborating with a business case consultant, who can identify key economic factors and funding opportunities to help ensure the success of the project.

Our Initial Process

  • Establish the core project team
  • Undertake a detailed site analysis, including climate and community context
  • Develop the key design principles and project vision
  • Facilitate workshops with the core project team, stakeholders and community
  • Collaborate with a business case consultant to identify economic factors and funding opportunities
  • Prepare a concept design in the context of the broader precinct masterplan
  • Create a project cost plan and delivery timeline
  • Prepare and submit funding and finance applications